Next Steps

Your ready but what to do next?

Firstly, research the franchise market in the UK and look at all the franchise options available to you. Thoroughly read through the whole of this website and request a Magicman Franchise Brochure to be sent to you.

After you have finished reading through the Franchise Brochure and have decided you are interested in owning a Magicman franchise complete the application form in the Franchise brochure. Note that filling in an application form does not put you under an obligation to purchase a franchise.

Once we have reviewed your application form we will invite you to attend an exploratory meeting with us at our office in Brighton. This is an opportunity for you to fully evaluate the Magicman business in detail and decide if it is likely to meet your aspirations.

Discovery Days are held on a regular basis. Click here to book a place.

If you decide to progress your application following this meeting we will send you a draft Franchise Agreement and a Franchise Information Memorandum, which include further information about the franchise.

Review the Franchise agreement with a financial advisor or solicitor. If funding is required discuss financial issues with your bank manager. You'll probably want to meet with us again to discuss any issues you've identified.

It's as easy as that! Once you have finished your investigation and have secured approval to become a Magicman franchise owner, don't wait. There is a world of opportunity waiting for you once you make your decision.