What is a Franchise?


Small business for sale with minimised risk

Franchising is a popular business model that means the franchisor (Magicman Global Licensing) allows the franchisee (You) to operate a business under an established and well respected brand with a proven track record (Magicman).

In return for an initial investment and monthly royalty payment, calculated as a percentage of invoiced sales, the franchisee receives everything they need to set up and run their new business with help and support from the franchisor at an agreed level and for an agreed length of time.

By investing in a proven business concept the risk of failure is considerably reduced, providing you follow the methods, systems and procedures prescribed by the franchisor.

Many shops and services on the High Street are franchises

  • They use a tried and tested business model ¬†already proven to be a success
  • Advertising and marketing campaigns backed by a trusted trading name
  • Full training in operating the business and winning new customers
  • Discounted bulk-purchases for business consumables and equipment.
  • On-going advice and guidance to help with key business management decisions
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