Magicman and Global Licensing

Magicman CEO Mark Henderson

Magicman have developed a range of innovative techniques for the restoration and re-surfacing of damaged hard surfaces of almost any type. The result is an exceptionally high standard of repair with a finish that is virtually as good as new, meaning that the costly alternative of replacement is avoided. It is a growing, ambitious business with a commitment to quality, great value and customer service excellence.

The sister company Magicman Global Licensing is the franchise arm of the business, growing Magicman in new territories at home and abroad. Our franchise support team is based at Magicman HQ in Brighton. It is here we conduct our technical and business management training, operate our Call Centre and co-ordinate all franchise support activities; job booking, marketing, purchasing, technical support and franchisee liaison. It's also where you will attend the Magicman Training Academy alongside directly employed technicians.

The cost benefits of the Magicman service are impressive – repairing instead of replacing represents a significant saving in time and money. Watch our video below to get a better understanding of what we do.